Triple-launch oyster party — 13 Nov.


Tofino Timeless poster

Group members have been active this year. Among other things, we published three separate chapbooks this fall. To celebrate, we did a triple-launch in concert with the 2013 Clayoquot Oyster Festival’s opening event on 13 November. The three chapbooks:

  • Tofino Timeless — a collaborative story by 11 members of the CWG, first published serially in 2007 in Tofino Time magazine and collected here as a complete story.
  • other men’s wives: love poems to a village of creative women — greg blanchette’s audacious compilation of local love poetry and mini-essays.
  • Kittenstein and Frankenfur, the gambling cats — David Floody’s tongue-in-cheek novella about the reluctant adoption of two clever felines.

All chapbooks are for sale (prices $12 – $8 – $12 respectively) from Mermaid Tales Bookshop, in Tofino. Or get in touch with one of us  and we will  send them by mail.