Word Rider #8


April’s Word Rider poem is by writer, artist and CWG member Ursula Banke (website). Find the Word Rider by the staircase in the Common Loaf Bake Shop, downtown Tofino, across from the post office.

word rider 8 sm-- ursula banke.jpg

Word Rider is part of Tofino Arts Council’s Boardwalk project — a collection of 20 or so surfboards turned into works of art by a passel of local artists. The project merges the quintessential west coast pursuits of art, surfing and business in a creative partnership to embody our community love of the ocean. The boards will be auctioned off at the Tofino Boardwalk Gala on May 26 (tickets).

* * *

Board art and lettering by Joanna Streetly. Photo by Joanna Streetly.